Thursday, August 30, 2012

Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage ?

 A quintessential never ending debate of which is better.
Either ways Marriage is a gamble.
Case Love

Falling in love is a beautiful feeling that is worth experiencing once in a lifetime. And when you are in love, you will just know. All the time you will think of nothing else but your love. A little love in your system and Life will become beautiful. You will not stop smiling. You will become extra cautious in dressing. You will not be able to concentrate on work.

Then after love comes marriage, when you are sure that this is the person you want to spend your life with. Now the time comes to get approval from both sets of parents which is a tricky step in most cases. Even though now parents understand that time has changed and they cannot force their decisions specially when decisions are based on caste or ego. Still there are some cases in which parents do not come to agree easily which are the cases in which religion is different, or different culture where a foreign bride or groom is there. And now lately the same gender ones.

Different Language

Same Gender

Case Arranged

You are lucky if you get to meet your soulmate. But some are not so lucky. What if your girlfriend or boyfriend ditches you. At times people are so busy in thier life that they forget to fall in love. For those people, arranged marriage is only the chance to get a soulmate. And in India arranges marriages have a more success rate. Our parents are best examples. They never dated or fell in love then got married. Their love happened after marriage. Mine is also an arranged one where parents first met and then we met. At that time there was no love. But after marriage slowly we discovered each other and learned to live with each other. Actually parents approval is important in any marriage as marriage in India is a marriage between two families. Morever parents have more experience, so going with their consent is not at all wrong. Its just that one should also meet the person, talk and then decide so that decision is not a compromise but is made when you too like ther person and think that you can spend your life with him or her.

In any case love or arranged, actually life starts after marriage. Until unless you get to live with the person, things are different. Real test comes when you start living under the same roof. Two persons from different upbringing, mental makeup, personality traits, with two different identities come together so the clashes of personalities, ideas, values and dreams is bound to be there. So it is important to respect each other.
And .......

After few years all Marriages are about love, trust, adjustments, understanding, forgiving, giving space and merging the I of both the persons into a common WE.

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