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Dove Your Hair A Research

It was Friday afternoon and there was so much going on around me and inside my mind. I had just had a fight with my boyfriend. I really don't understand my boyfriend sometimes. We're doing the long distance thing and it seems like it's causing us to fight a lot. I was not in a mood to do any work at office. But there was an email from my boss for a new project. I checked it and quickly went through the requirements of the project. Everything was same, like the previous projects - Situation overview, industry analysis, competitor analysis and SWOT analysis was required.

Life has become really boring, I thought. Then only at that moment I got a ping from Ruchi “Let’s take a break”. Ruchi was my best friend. I closed my mailbox and went to the cafeteria with her. There our whole gang of girls was there - Paridhi, Seema, Suchi, Niharika and Isha gossiping and giggling about something. We too joined them. After coffee, samosas and some gossips, topic changed to hair problems. Everyone started cribbing immediately about their hair problems.

Paridhi complained about her dull and lifeless hair. Whereas Ridhi had dandruff problem. Seema was worried about her hairfall and Isha was not happy with her fizzy hair. Niharika had just got her hair colored but her color was getting dull day by day.

I advised Paridhi to use Henna for getting shine in her hair. Ruchi advised Ridhi to use curd to reduce dandruff.  For Seema we concluded that proper diet could reduce her hairfall. But we could not get any solution for fizzy hair or how to have hair color longer. After having solutions for hair problems, another problem arose and that was all the hair care regime required time, which was the only thing we were lacking in our overburdened jobs. The discussion lasted around half an hour instead of the usual 15 minutes break. By that time, I was feeling good again. So we got back to our workstations.

I was going through the project requirements when suddenly an idea struck into my mind. “Let me research on hair problems”. The analyst in me started working overtime. I searched on Factiva and Google. Within few minutes, I got a lot of data and information which was an eye-opener for me.

On analyzing the data, I was amazed to find that 70% Indians have dandruff.  According to one recent hair care survey, split-ends and dryness were the two major hair concerns of the urban Indian woman. While 55% women were experiencing dry and rough hair after a wash and 22% were worried about split-ends. 49% felt that they end up damaging their hair in the process of making it look beautiful So it was not only me and my friends but most of the population was suffering from hair problems.

I decided to share it with my friends. Was about to ping them, when I thought why don’t I make a SWOT analysis of this whole issue.


In general Indian women hair strength is long length and beautiful black texture but they have to face all sorts of hair problems like – Hair fall, Dandruff, premature graying and split ends which come under Weakness.

Hot and humid climate, exposure to sun in summer and cold winds in winter are catalyst to major threat in terms of detrenching the moisture from hair and make it dull.
Other threats are include pollution and hard water of the metro cities. Hard water makes the hair fizzier. Worklife balance is emerging as major threat for hair for working women in India.  Maintaining worklife balance always led to compromise on ME time, hence no time or very little time to take care of their hair – (proper oiling and using henna, shikakai etc.)

Every women is different and so is her hair and so are her hair problems. Hence, not one solution can be best for everyone. Everyone needs different solution for her hair problems. Hence it’s important that we get a solution which is different for each one of us yet something which doesn’t require a lot of our time. On further research, I got to know that there is no brand in the market which provides different hair solution for everyone. There are anti dandruff, herbal or normal shampoos. Surprisingly, Dove had it all. It was the only brand with ¼ moisture milk which was mild in nature and had a hair care range for each of the specific hair problem. Dove seems to be the best opportunity in hair care world.

Factors that influence the scalp condition -


So, if your concern is dry and rough hair, you can nourish it with the Dove Nourishing Oil Care range. It is enhanced with Vita Oils that go deep inside the hair fiber and help lock in the nourishment of oil making your hair smooth, shiny and beautiful with every wash. For those of you who are worried about split-ends, the Dove Intense Repair range is your perfect pick. It contains advanced Fibre Actives that reconstructs hair from within, starts repairing hair and reduces damage by 99% from the first wash. Plus the Micro Moisture Serum goes to the root of the problem and repairs accumulated damage, which is the reason for hair breakage and spilt-ends.
 From the unilever report, I got to know that dove is the most preferred hair product in India. To my surprise the shampoo penetration in India was around 80%. I did not know a country that is so much poverty striven will have 80% shampoo penetration.
Key facts
• Over 1 million women consumers in India have used it and loved the products.
• Dove is the fastest growing shampoo brand in India in 2007-08
• Dove Haircare has its presence in North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East

Equipped with all this information, I called my gang and showed them all the facts. Paridhi, Ruchi, Ridhi, Isha, Niharika everyone was impressed.
We then decided on a plan of action. Niharika started using Color Repair Shampoo & conditioner to prevent hair color from fading; I started using Breakage Therapy shampoo, along with its conditioner, Serum and Hair mask to make my hair strong; All the other girls started using Daily Therapy shampoo & conditioner to restore softness and get manageable hair;


Along with this we decided on certain habits in our daily schedule -
• Eat healthy foods that aid the hair in staying strong and lustrous. Walnuts, almonds and Milk gives hair a smooth shine. Protein is also critical for keeping hair healthy, but many people don't get enough. Lean meat like fish, chicken, eggs, and soy products are good sources of protein;
• Use cooler water to wash and rinse your hair the last time
• To get more shine, volume, and bounce in your hair, use hair creams, olive oil, or (this really works!) mayo and an egg.
• Do a 'steam-towel-wrap' once in a while, if your cuticles are damaged, as this steaming opens out the pores and absorbs the oil.
• Have a trim every six to eight weeks
• Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase--cotton pillowcases makes hair look dry; they suck out the moisture and can cause frizz.
• When using hairspray, make sure you wash out thoroughly as it will damage the cuticle in the hair; this is how split ends are caused.
• To get beautiful streaks at home, mix honey and alum, an aluminum compound sold in most drugstores.
• Wrap wet hair gently in a towel.
• Mix a little vinegar in warm water and rinse your hair with this solution. This will add bounce to dull and lifeless hair.

After 3 months -

My whole gang changed their habits and used dove hair care range for 3 months. For the first time, I saw the actual results of my research.
Yes, my hair had started looking healthier …. and that was the end of my hair problems. And that was the end of hair problems for Ruchi, Paridhi, Isha, Seema, Niharika.


The verdict -
No matter what your hair problem is, you can now leave it behind with Dove. And for those of you who want to learn more about your hair, find out with the Dove Hair-aware app. It helps you understand your hair better and also gives you the right solution to leave your hair problems behind forever!


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