Friday, July 20, 2012

Most Memorable Gift of Love

"I wonder when you will ever grow. Do you even realize you are elder to him ?" Mom shouted with frustration. Yes it was me and my younger brother fighting again over something very trivial. Actually it is always this.

"Why should I when he is the one at fault? Can't I even defend myself and make my stand clear?" I yelled back at my mom.

God knows how many times this has happened over the past 13 years. Believe me, it is not that easy to be an elder when you have a brother who is 3 years younger to you.
I looked furiously at Nitiksh and went to watch TV but he came there as well. He always has a tendency to disrupt my TV viewing by changing the channel without permission, pounding me with pillows, or making disgusting noises.

Frustrated, I moved to my room and started reading comics. Nitiksh came again from behind and started pulling my ponytail. I shouted loudly and pushed him back. “One more time if you both will fight, I will lock you inside the bathroom” Mom threatened both of us.
I stood in front of the mirror and started opening my ponytail. I was very fond of my hair. I had long and black beautiful hair. Everyone in the class used to praise me for my hair. Last Sunday, in the fancy dress competition I won first prize in the role of Rupenzell.

I was potraying as model with my trophy in front of the mirrior, when Nitiksh came with his toy car and started moving it on my hair. The car wheel got fixed up in my hair and my few strands broke. I shouted at him with pain and said "I will throw your car  from balcony if you touch my hair one more time."
Nitiksh laughed at me and pulled my hair and ran away from there. I  really got frustrated and went after him. I took his car and went to the balcony. I threw his car from the balcony of our 8th floor flat. Seeing this Nitiksh started crying loudly. It was his favorite car.

He started crying and shouting. Hearing this Mom came and pacified him. She said "No worries, we will bring a new one for you." With wholesome of tears in his eyes, he said "I want this only. It was my favourite car." Mom scolded me "Why did you throw his car, now you are not going to watch TV for full one day." I explained to mom saying” Nitiksh was keep on troubling me and was pulling my hair. You know how much I love my hair and he doesn’t have any respect for my hair. So to teach a leasson to him, I threw his car”. Listening this, Nitiksh started crying more loudly. Mom took both of us inside and made us to sit in different room. At dinner time, Dad made us to say sorry to each other but we were not in a mood for a patch up. Nitiksh was too much hurt as his favorite car was turned into a pieces.

In the morning when I went to brush my teeth, I saw my ponytail is missing from my head. I shouted so loudly that even my neighbors would have heard it. Both Mom and Dad came to my room after hearing my shout.


Mom looked horrified seeing this and called Nitiksh . He was sleeping in his bed and mom made him wakeup.  She asked "did you cut didi’s hair?" He was half sleep said yes because she had thrown my favourite car. Thats why I cut her ponytale and threw it from the balcony. My Mom put her both hands on her face with frustration whereas dad was trying to console me.

I cried for whole morning and didn’t go the school. Both Mom and Dad has scolded Nitiskh like never before. Seeing my situation, nitiksh came to me with a sorry card  but I was very furious on him and tored his card. Dad also consoled me but I was too depressed. In the evening, mom took me to the hairdressers. The only thing the hairdresser could do was cut it even shorter to get it even. When I was finished, my hair was shorter than my ears!

I can never ever become Rupenzell again in fancy dress competition. I lost all my long tresses in just one night. I was feeling so pathetic about it.  I refused to go to school and have stopped talking with my brother. He even cried with me and said sorry also but I was not in a mood to forgive him.

For next 2 days, I didn’t go to school. I knew my entire classmates will tease me which will be unbearable for me. It was Sunday morning and as I got up I saw a gift beside my bed. I opened it and found dove nourshing oil care products. I took the bag to mom and asked “  Mom did you bring this for me?”. She answered no than I asked Dad “ Did you give this?”. Dad told “ No dear, Nitiksh brought it for you. He has used broken his piggybank and bought this gift for you”. I looked at nitiksh. He was holding his ears and said “ sorry didi….. I will never do this again.
I just cannt believe that Nitiksh has broken his piggbank for me. He was saving money to buy his favorite The Darth Vader fighting helmet from The Empire Strikes Back. He used all money to buy Dove products for me. I was moved.

“Yesterday, I saw Dove advertisement in TV and thought it will be good if you use it.” Nitiksh said in his excited voice.  He switched on TV and said “ Wait for a while, it will come , you will see how aunty get long hair in no time after using dove”.  I saw it and somehow I thought to use it.

Mom told me not to worry, as she will help me to use dove product. Mom drawn a chart for me on how to use each product.


Slowly and steadily, my hair started growing. We use to keep a check on my hair length. Soon it became our sunday game. Every Sunday,  I and nitiksh use to measure my length of  my hair with a measuring tape and note it down in a copy. As time passes, my hair started looking more beautiful and shiner compare to past. I was having a much bouncy and shiny hair. I was happy and that it was the end of my hair problem.

More than me, Nitiksh was happy to see the length of my hair. With is incident, our bonding became stronger.
Thanks Dove and nitiksh for returning my beautiful hair back.

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