Saturday, May 19, 2012

DIY Paint A Wall

Now when the summers are here, there are not many options to go out in the scorching heat. Kids are home too. So what to do.

Why not Paint a wall in any of your rooms?

Its fun and an inexpensive way to update a room with a great amount of impact. If you want to add a little drama or a quick makeover, but only have time for a weekend project, you must consider painting an accent wall.

Patricia's beautiful dining room wall. Its a difficult one

This is an easy design by Shoshana. You can try something like this. But its a bit tedious.

Grid lines, for a contemporary modern look. Its also easy and you can chose any of the colors. Just test on a small patch first.

I am going to try Sahana's idea.Its easy and have poster colors. Not much work required. I think I can complete it in a day. 


A lovely idea from Shoshana, for a little girls room.
Just be sure to experiment on a smaller surface first. Or skip the paint altogether and try out a wall covering.

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