Monday, December 28, 2015

The Bestseller She Wrote - Book Review

A banker turned author, Aditya Kapoor is living every man's fantasy of a balanced yet glitzy personal and professional life. He has everything, he has wished for a loving family and a successful career.
He is invited to speak  at his alma mater IIM-Bengaluru, where he has an argument with Shreya Kaushik who is a beautiful, young and ambitious student there. With similar aspirations in life, Shreya follows Aditya, leading to an extra marital affair and a life of chaos.

What happens next is for you to find out. Can one person love two people at a given point in time? Can one wisely make a choice between blind passion and ambition? Is it possible to trust someone again after betrayal?

Author Ravi Subramanian, has delved into a starry world of a writer with this book and has tried to uncover the outcomes of a risky dalliance between a married successful paperback author and his alluring protege.

The author -
Ravi Subramanian, an alumnus of IIM Bengaluru, has spent two decades working his way up the ladder of power in the adrenaline-pumping world of global banks in India. In 2008, his debut book' If God was a banker' won golden Quil Readers Choice award.

Review -
The first book I had read of Ravi Subramanian, was If God was a Banker. And I had realised that the writing style of the author is simple and easy to read. He tries to connect with the mind of his readers.
With this book, Ravi has tried to do something different by selecting to write about romance and the life of a successful author. Although the crux of the book is typical bollywood masala with a war between good and bad and ultimately good wins. Still he has been able to convey the complexities of the human emotions in a beautiful way. Each of the characters of Aditya, Maya and Sanjay are from our lives and well defined. At some point in our lives we might have met them or known about them from others.

Only the character of Shreya was different and little difficult to relate with. Shreya being the central character was too shallow. It was difficult to imagine her as so ambitious that she was ready to do anything to get what she wants, being a student and that too of a prestigious business school.

I found the storyline weak. The climax could have been better by not being so predictable. Would like Ravi to write something away from the glamor world of IIM and banks. And with strong women characters, which this book lacks. (Both Shreya and Maya were poles apart yet lacked strength)

The book is well paced and well written. On and all, it's an average book. I would like to recommend it to those who are going on a journey, if you find this book, you should grab it. Your time will be well spent.

ISBN: 9789381206096
Genre: Fiction
Publishers: Westland Books
Price: INR. 180

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