Thursday, April 4, 2013

Words To Inspire The Winner In You

There are times in lives of everyone, when one feels low and demotivated. In those times one needs someone to guide, to make the mood and inspire. And who else can do the task better than books. Books being one's best friend.

"Words To Inspire The Winner In You" by Dr. Roopleen is one such book with lots of inspiring quotes on 146 topics - Attitude, Confidence, Courage, Failure, Happiness, Mistakes, Motivation, Success, Values, Wisdom etc.

You dont have to read the book back to back, rather read it whenever you are free, have some You time to think and relax. The one liner simple quotes will make your mood and will make you think about your life, your actions and your attitude. You can select yout favourite quotes and print them in bols and stick it anywhere be it in your office or home, where you can see them. Read them everyday, start your mornings with some positive thoughts and in few days you will see the effect in your work and in your life.

Some of my favourite quotes from the book are -

Be as much as you can be. No more; certainly not less.

You only live once. Don’t deny yourself the luxury of living your best life.

You ruin your chances of making it big when you think small.

Don’t let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks into building blocks.

Each one of us has a story to tell.Make sure yours is the one that leaves a lasting impression.

The author has done a great job by keeping the language simple for anyone to understand.

The only thing I found negative about the book is that the price is high for the collection. More topics could have been there to make the book great.

Details of the Book

Title: Words to Inspire the Winner in YOU
Author: Dr. Roopleen
ISBN: 9789381206096
Genre: Non-fiction/Motivational
Publishers: Power Publishers
Price: INR. 200

About the author
Dr Roopleen is an Eye Surgeon, motivational counselor and speaker. She is the author of Principles of Success Made Easy-14 Easy Steps To Climb the Ladder of Success. Roopleen did her MBBS from GOMCO Patiala, MS from HIHT Dehradun and Super-Specialization from Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai. A hard core optimist and a firm believer of the power of positive thinking, Roopleen is passionate about serving people and being able to make a difference in their lives. Her vision is to inspire people to believe in themselves, pursue their dreams and live a meaningful life. Her ideology in life is in sync with her blood group: ‘B-POSITIVE!’

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