Thursday, February 28, 2013

From Frizzy to Beautiful Straight Hair

Frizzy hair is difficult to manage. What you will do, if you are born with it? I have tried all the different shampoos, conditioners and serums to tame my frizzy hair. I have even gone for straightening and that too not for once but thrice. Although with time and after so much efforts my hair has become less frizzy. But so much chemical treatment has resulted in other problems like hair fall. Finally I have given up my dream of having beautiful straight hair and have learned to live with my curly hair

Then one day I saw the new Indiblogger contest from Sunsilk for the newly launched Sunsilk Perfect Straight Range to get Beautiful Straight Hair Every day. Applying for a free sample, a glimmer of hope rose in my heart that this product just might be the solution to my problem!

About the product
Sunsilk with Yuko Yamashita (A hair stylist, salon owner and entrepreneur from Japan) has co-created Sunsilk Perfect Straight, the ideal hair products range for straight hair every day. The range includes Sunsilk Straight Shampoo, Sunsilk Straight Conditioner and a Sunsilk Straight Detangling Mist.
How it works?
The breakthrough Straight-Lock technology actively controls and holds every strand perfectly aligned as the hair dries. It penetrates deep within the hair fibre, reducing frizz and straightening strands, keeping them fully aligned as they dry.
My Experience
I received the package from Sunsilk a week back consisting of 80ml Perfect Straight Shampoo and 90ml Perfect Straight Conditioner bottles, priced Rs 56 each. The smell of the product was really good.
I tried both the shampoo and conditioner twice, with a gap of 5 days. The shampoo cleaned my hair and gave them a volume. The conditioner reduced the frizz. Together the combined outcome after drying was worth. My usually wavy hair was pretty straight! And I was really happy.
Although I felt, this shampoo and conditioner was not quite nourishing enough for my dry frizzy curly hair. But that isn’t what this product is for and I think it does exactly as it says, it detangles and straightens your hair as it dries and with great results! (Do not expect perfect straight like straightening gives.) For a quick, no expense party look, it’s a great product.
I would continue to use this product and would like to recommend it to others too.
Some Tips for using this product and getting the desired result of Perfect Straight Hair
Shampooing your hair once or twice a week is good enough
Try using a comb to spread the conditioner and your hair will be conditioned till the ends.
After washing, never comb your hair when it is wet. Combing frizzy hair when it is wet will save a lot of damage like split ends and broken hair.
Do oil your hair before shampooing. A simple warm oil massage followed by a hair wash after an hour will improve your hair texture.
Get a good haircut every 3 months.
And remember it is always important to love what you have.

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