Friday, February 1, 2013

Recycling Egg Cartons

"Sunday ho ya Monday...Roz khao Andey" Eggs make an important part of a healthy diet. Every week we buy atleast dozen eggs in cartons. But have we ever thought about recycling these egg cartons to make beautiful things. If not then check out some of these beautiful craft ideas which are so easy that you can make them yourself.

Artificial flowers for decoration purposes are generally made from cloth or paper. But you can also use egg cartons to make them.
We buy so many lights on Diwali which are simple and inexpensive. You can do a makeover of these simple lights by adding egg carton flowers on them.
Blossom Fairy Lights
If you have kids, then you can make some cute Caterpillars like craft items for them.

 For those who love gardening, this wonderful idea is for those. Grow mini plants in egg shells and cartons. Keep them on your window sills.
 Egg Planter

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